Sep 212012

Once Upon a Time…

between the mountain ranges and rocky lake beds that comprise our 45th state… (Utah) there lived two young and single kids- Chelsea and Jason. They met through mutual friends, saw each other across a crowded Lake (Powell), shared a beer together and fell in love. They’ve been together for five years since. For the proposal, Jason headed straight into Chelsea’s place of work with a ring in one hand and “the big question” in the other. Her answer of course, was yes and they quickly set off into the planning of their big day. First and foremost, they knew they wanted it to be low-key and no-fuss. So they set the date, same date as their 5 year dating anniversary, and their location was going to be Las Vegas, Nevada. With them they packed the bare essentials- 30 of their closest friends & family, a little luck and a whole lotta love. Their colors were shades from the classics- Ivory, Black, Charcoal, with a dash of red and it all took place within the Mandalay Bay Hotel. The ceremony was held within the Mandalay Bay’s Silver Chapel and was followed by a warm and close-knit reception. After dinner and drinks, everyone danced. It was nothing short of a good time and the love that Chelsea and Jason share was indeed tangible to everyone that surrounded them that day.

Because the bride and groom preferred to see each other privately, before the ceremony (instead of down the aisle) it allowed for a good long portrait session, just the two of them.

So immediately following their “first looks” we headed over to the Cosmopolitan, to explore the decor there.  My favorite location was the Chandelier Bar.

Then it was off to the Mandalay Bay Silver Chapel, for the ceremony.

Congratulations Chelsea and Jason (and happy anniversary).  Here’s to many years of luck and love!

Aug 302012

Once upon a time (in Phoenix Arizona) there lived… Jeremy and Ashley.

destination wedding photography, Arizona

 These two originally met in church and have been inseparable ever since. When they weren’t together, they texted… feverishly.  And then one day, Jeremy decided it was time to pose the question. He was going to ask her to marry him.  In fact, he had already mapped out the perfect evening for the occasion. There were flowers, mood music- something from the 90’s of course (their favorite), dinner and candles. He asked her to come on over, as soon as possible, and upon her arrival she suddenly noticed rows of delicate tea lights everywhere, guiding and lighting her way to a candle-lit dinner.  After dinner, he had their favorite music ready and waiting, in order to engage in a few slow dances. He then proposed, she said yes and they quickly ran into the arms of their big day.

destination wedding photography, Arizona

It was an intimate affair and the {jcp} team was honored to have  been asked to cover it.  They announced their “I Dos” in front of 100 of their closest friends and family, at “Noah’s Event Center” in Chandler, Arizona.  The reception shortly followed and was layered between shades of silver, navy and metallic blue. Many of the design details were an Arizona collaboration, their cake design came from Prescott at “The Prescott Sweet Spot” and their flowers were arranged in Mesa by “The Lighthouse Flower Shop.”  Their  first dance, was to “All for Love” by Bryan Adams (yep, the 90’s. It’s their favorite)!  It was a beautiful Arizona day and a warm desert night. The perfect backdrop for these two young lovers. Congratulations Ashley & Jeremy! Here’s to love and happiness in the”Ever After.”

destination wedding photography, Arizona

destination wedding photography, Arizona

destination wedding photography, Arizona

destination wedding photography, Arizona

destination wedding photography, Arizona



Oct 122009

Vivian and Carlos were high school sweethearts. They’ve been together now for eleven years. They’ve been through thick and thin, know each other in and out and balance each other perfectly. So on the early morn of Christmas Eve 2008 Carlos decided it was time to ask Vivian to be his bride. They were both home for the holidays, home being the quaint and charming town of Gilroy California. He told her they were going out for some last minute Christmas shopping and headed out towards Monterey. They ended up out by Cannery Row near the location of “their bench,” the bench where they shared their first kiss together. He casually asked her if she wanted him to stop the car. She did, of coarse, and after a few minutes . . . Carlos popped the question. In Vivian’s own words- “We stood out by our bench for a few minutes looking at the otters and taking photos. I was saying something about the otters and Carlos interrupted me and said ‘so, the reason why I brought you here is.’ I was caught off guard. He got down on one knee and said ‘Vivian, will you marry me?’. I nervously giggled, and of course said YES!”

Vivian and Carlos were married on October 3rd and their location was exquisite- The Old Mission in San Juan Bautista. This adobe mission was built in 1797 and not only housed a church but also a grainary,barracks, monastery, and adobe houses. It was the perfect backdrop to this eleven year romance.

It’s only been a week since the wedding but I already have many favorites. Here are just a few-

Vivian and Carlos,

Congratulations. I wish you the very best in your long and loving future. You guys rock!