Dec 312013

Dear 2013,

Thanks for the memories…

2013, new years eve, new year, 2014, resolutions, memories, lessons, affirmations

the gains, the losses, the moments and the lil life lessons along the way.

Thank you for being there as I tried to better my body with a 3-day juice cleanse, a gluten-free diet, exercised more and generally ate better than I ever have before.

As always- thank you for my husband, my pups, my friends and my family. They make life more interesting and adventurous every day I live it beside them.

Thank you for the opportunity to travel again with the {jcp} brand. We were blessed with New York, Yosemite, Arizona, wine country and New Jersey- documenting the after-math of hurricane Sandy this year.

I celebrated another birthday, our third Wedding Anniversary, officially wrote down my bucket list, found time to refurbish furniture (a lil known hobby of mine), hosted Thanksgiving for the first time, got a new do, met some amazing new clients, became better acquainted with the old and learned to manage my time a whole lot more efficiently (this is a recurring lesson for me).

Most of all 2013, thank you for giving me the confidence to open up a bitchin new studio with a very cool partner of mine. We have so many plans for Blue Buddha Studios. It was a long time in the making and I’m happy the experience has finally landed, and currently booking!

Finally, thank you for the encouragement brought on at the head of the year, as I announced my  decision to run in 2014’s Los Angeles Marathon. I’m still going strong in the training for it and have taken up the goal of raising $2,000.00 for St Jude Childrens Research Hospital. I’m halfway to that goal and I physically feel stronger then ever.

2013! You were extremely generous to me and you will truly be missed. Of course, I plan on paying the favor forward. In big ways. I’ll do ya proud. I will always look to the skills you’ve gifted me and do my best to apply them to my future and I absolutely promise to always move forward. It’s all I can do. After all,

“life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

–Albert Einstein

Happy New Years to all!

2013, new years eve, new year, 2014, resolutions, memories, lessons, affirmations

Dec 312011

I spotted this on a friend’s Pinterest page today and it instantly rang true for me.  I’ve never been a big believer in the New Year’s resolutions but I do have hopes for the upcoming New Year and while I do believe I can achieve all that I set my mind to, the most important part to me, the part I reflect on the most with each New Year’s celebration, is the journey.  My lessons, goals and aspirations come from the triumphs and tribulations of my prior year.  My journey.  It’s not so much about whether or not I did fly but how I attempted to do so and how I can attempt it again and again within each and every new year that comes my way.  It’s just that simple.  Get cape.  Wear cape.  Fly.

Happy New years

Happy New Year Everybody!




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